Use Case

  • “As a business user, I want to set the communications preferences of marketing via Email and SMS on my client accounts

In if you navigate to Clients> Client Record> select a client and click on the Client Information tab, scroll down to the Communications section.  Here you will see we have reversed the logic for the Check boxes to be checked when a client is Opted IN...


and Unchecked when the client us Opted OUT.   


The Unsubscribe from Everything will be activated when Both the SMS and Email has been Unchecked and Opted Out.



Reports> Clients> Attendance> All Clients updates to include new columns for Properties of Opt In, Opt Out, and Master Unsubscribe

If you navigate to the All Clients report, you will now see an option in Edit Report Settings to include New columns to your report.  Opt in/out to SMS, Opt in/ out to Email, On / Off member unsubscribe.




The values displayed are consistent with the values as stored in the Client record> Client Information Tab> Communications section:



A few other reports have been updated with the same Edit Settings Options and columns

these include the following reports:

Reports> Attendance> Check-in Report




Reports>  Financial> Net Revenue Detail Report


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