Use Scenario

As trainers and instructors level up and mature in their payroll needs, businesses need the ability to assign the instructors to a different payroll tier starting on a date in the past. Promotion and HR tasks sometimes cause a delay in accessing the Core system and assigning the tier till the end of the month. 

We have recognized this as a useful upgrade and have created a report for audits. 

Use Cases

  • As Business User, I need to assign a payroll tier to an instructor on a date in the past, so that when I run Payroll reporting for the cycle s/he gets the correct calculations. 
  • As a Business User, I need to see on the Team member's account the current and upcoming tier assignments. 

Instructions for use:

There are two places to set an instructor's payroll tier, in the Team Settings as well as in the Payroll Tier configurations. 

Options 1: Navigate from Core Dashboard to Team Settings and select your instructor to edit.  mceclip0.png


Steps to change the tier to a past date:

Scroll down to the Payroll Tier section. Here you will see the current payroll tier assigned and a date. 

1. Click Edit

2. select the new tier by description

3. select a past date. 

Click the Confirm button to save your selection. Click cancel to go back. 


Re-open the instructor record and you will see the new their assigned and the date you selected. 


If you happen to assign a future date for a tier, the system will now display both tiers until that date arrives and the old tier falls away.




Option 2: Instructor tier assignments can be reviewed and edited as well by navigating from Core Dashboard to Edit Profile> Payroll.  Select the tier you will review or edit from the drop-down list



Click the plus sign for Assign staff and select an instructor to assign. Choose your date in the future or past. 


If you selected a past date, you again will need to Confirm your selection. 


It should be noted that as a user you cannot assign an instructor to a date that is earlier than the date the Session Type was configured on the Tier itself.  As an example...


Tiers construction needs to predate tier assignment in order for calculations to work. The dating of Session types is important to allow edits to the session type itself to a new payroll calculation type but not have to build all new tiers. To this extent assignments of instructors and calculations are subject to session-type configuration dates.  In the above example: We cannot expect this tier, if assigned to an instructor on July 1st, to calculate payroll for session type: Criterion for dates prior to July 12th.


Reviewing your assignments

Navigate to Reports> Staff> Payroll Tier Audit


Here you will be able to see the edits and assignments as made to your instructors. 


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