Include No Show and Late Cancels in Reports> Staff> Payroll>

Use Scenario

  • Many of our customers want to include No-show clients and Late Cancels in the payroll calculations. This needs to be a configurable feature so that every location can decide whether to pay out for these clients in sessions. 

Use Case

  • As a business user, I need to configure to include either No-Show or Late Cancel clients or both so they may be included in the instructor payroll. 
  • As a business user, I need to see the Attended, No-Shows, and Late Cancels broken out in the Payroll report so that we know how many of each are included in the calculations. 

Instructions for Use. 

To configure the inclusion of the No-Show and Late Cancels into the payroll report, first navigate to Core> Edit Profile> Payroll. Here you will see two new options for No-Show and Late Cancel


Check the boxes next to Late Cancel and/or No Show to include them in all tiers of payroll calculations. 



Navigate to Reports> Staff> Payroll. When the report loads you will now see new columns added for No-Show and Late Cancel, as well as a breakout of Attended and Booked#. This was adjusted to provide better clarity of the session attendee counts. 


Calculations for Attended, No-Show, and Late Cancel are the same across the tier and session types. 


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