Custom CSS Widget Code 

As a business user, I want customize the look and feel of the Embed Widgets to match my brand and website design.”

You can now create custom cascading style sheets (CSS) to modify the look and feel of the embed widgets.  For example, you can update the fonts, button style, colors, background colors, etc.

Please review the guide located here


Embed Widgets V2 - Client Dashboard

Use Case:

“As a business user, I want my clients and members to be able to book into Workshop sessions that I have created, "

We are excited to release another of our V2 Embed Widgets. This widget will uniquely list your Workshop enabled session type classes and will allow your clients to book once they are logged in.  This widget will also prompt for package or payment if the client does not already hold appropriate credits configured to these sessions. 

Click here for the Widget configuration help guide. 

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