Updates to the Session and Template creation modules.

In this release we have eliminated the 60 Mins selectable in the session add/ create interface as it was redundant to the 1 Hour Session Duration selectable. having both was causing some data discrepancies. 


No action is required as our rollout of this change will update all of your current sessions labeled as 60 min to the following:



Gift Cards may now be configured to be redeemed at other locations than the purchase location.

As a business owner, I would like to configure my Gift Cards to be redeemed at alternate locations within my Corporation. 

As a member, I would like to redeem a gift card at any location of the business, not just where it was purchased. 

In this update we now allow you as a business user to configure if Gift Cards can be redeemed at other locations within your corporates network and which locations will honor the redemption. 

Please navigate in the Business Dashboard to Payments> Retail Settings> Gift Cards and you will find a new toggle to enable Shared Business Locations.



Once toggled to the ON position you may select one or more location within your network that Gift Cards can be redeemed once sold. 



Now, click the Edit icon for each Gift Card you will to allow to share...


and check the box to Allow this Gift Card to be redeemed at configured locations.



As an added feature, we have added visibility in where your gift cards sold at this location are being redeem when at a different configured location. Navigate to the Payments> Retail Dashboard - Gift Card tab. Here you will see a new column labeled Redeem Location.





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