Embed Widgets V2 - Client Dashboard

Use Case:

“As a business user, I want my clients and members to be able to log in and manage portions of their profile and perform actions relevant to our business."

We have released the updated V2 Dashboard Widget feature that you may embed directly in your webpage. this Client dashboard will allow your clients and member, after logging in, to perform the following actions. 

  • See Failed payments alerts,
  • Retry Failed payments,
  • Edit Profile,
  • Review My Packages,
  • Redeem Gift Cards,
  • Review Visit History,
  • Review Billing Information,
  • Change their password, and
  • Review My Bookings. 

Click here for directions and configuration. 



Kiosk V2 -

We are extremely excited to have released the first iteration of our V2 Kiosk. Our kiosk solution in a Chrome browser based solution, meaning it can be deployed on any device or tablet of your choosing. While this release is limited to just Navigation, New Client Sign up, Login, Free Trial activations and package and membership sales as seen here...


...Kiosk V2 will eventually have as many as 6 different modules this year.



Click here to see how to set up the Kiosk V2 and how the user experience will display for Sign Ups,  Trail and Membership sales








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