(Dis)Allow clients to purchase overlapping session type credits.

Use Case:

As a business user, I need a configuration that prevents the sale of a membership or package that contains access to the same credits/session types if they already have an active or suspended memberships at the current or any other location across the corporate.”

“As a member, I cannot purchase a membership or package from the same or any other location across the corporate that contains the same session type credits in a memberships that I already have in either an active or suspended state.”

This new configuration feature is allow businesses to configure at the location level if client can buy more than one membership or package that have the same Session Type credits. Recently we have a business experiencing clients buying  intro packs at other locations that have reciprocity usage so that they can pay less than the normal intended rate after the Intro Pack conversion. 

To find these new configurations, please navigate to the following location:

Dashboard> Account Settings> Configuration>  Business Profile> 


These settings will be deployed as Default  YES as this would be consistent with today's behavior. Please modify these to NO should you choose to block purchases. 

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