Embed Widgets V2 - Stand Alone Packages. 

Use Case:

“As a business user, I want to share a direct link on my website to a specific package or membership, so that my clients and members may purchase directly without having to select from a list. "

We released the updated V2 Package Widget feature whereby you may link directly to a page or modal view a Stand Alone package. 

Directions for use:

Navigate to Edit Profile> Website Embed> toggle ON the Try Beta Widget Code> select Packages and then choose either the Page or Model view before copying the code to your website builder. 


For more options and instructions click here. 



Membership Cancellation via the APP.

Use Case:

As a member, I would like to cancel my recurring membership via the app so that it is convenient

As a club owner, I would like to enable members in good standing to be able to cancel their membership in your branded app. 

In compliance with IOS app standards, we are providing you a means to configure and allow clients and members to cancel their memberships. We have added the following basic logic to be sure that members qualify for in-app cancellations:

  1. Memberships (only) that are in the “Active” state.

  2. Memberships (only) when the member is in good standing; i.e. there is no failed payment on their account.

  3. Membership does NOT have any Minimum Cancellation Fee.

  4. Membership has exceeded the minimum term time limit as set in the Minimum Cancellation Fee configuration.

To Configure this option please navigate to:

Payments > Retail Configurations > Memberships (edit or add new):

  • Find the new option under “Minimum cancellation term” called: “Enable Clients to Cancel Membership”

  • The default setting will be disabled.


This option is visible so long as

  • Package Length’ is Un-ending.

  • The fee is null or equal to $0.00 in Minimum Cancellation Term,

  • Please note***  If Minimum Cancel Fee is turned ON later and a fee added, then the system will disable the Enable Client to Cancel option.

Your clients will see then in your branded app the following screens and options:


When a cancellation occurs, the system will proceed to do a Future Cancellation date to be 1 day before their next scheduled billing date in the upcoming payment schedule. This will allow the member access until the last day before their next payment.

If the member has any session booked after the scheduled cancellation date, they are to be fully removed from those booked sessions.


Embed Widgets V2 - Gift Cards

Use Case:

“As a business, I want to sell Gift Cards to my clients via the website, so that they may purchase for themselves and others. "


 This update to our V2 Web Widgets includes the ability to sell Gift Cards. This further enhances the v2 Beta Web Widget offering in script-based website solutions.

For a full review of how to configure the V2 web widgets please consult the V2 Web Widget Release notes here. 






Holiday Fee for Non-Home Location Client Attendance

Use Case:

“As a business user, I need a configuration that allows me to set a “Destination Fee” so that when a client attends at my Location but they are an active member at another location across the corporate, I can transfer their payment method from their other location to my location and charge their payment method on account for the Destination Fee”

We have customers that have requested functionality to assist them during the peak holiday periods across their network whereby a site will have the ability to charge a holiday fee to a client that holds a multi-club access membership. The fee will be pre-determined by the business (similar to the no-show fee) and the $ icon will display once the attendance is marked for a non-home location member. The operations team at the location where the client attended will then imitate a charge onto that member's payment method. If there is no payment method at the site where they are training (common case), then we will transfer the payment method across using a similar method to the member movements. 

To activate this feature, navigate to Dashboard> Payments> Retail Configurations> Retail Settings> Schedule Fees:


Click the infographic for detailed instructions:


I the Schedule> Session> Session Detail screen you will find a $ icon that appears once the client is marked attended: 


Click the Icon to Charge the Holiday Fee to the client's billing form of payment. If there is no one present, you may add on for this location.  mceclip4.png

A mouse-over of the highlighted $10.00 will reveal that the client has been charged the $10.00 Holiday fee.  



Corporate Dashboard User Management

Businesses who use our Corporate Dashboard would like to add functionality where they can control the users that have access and provide access with dedicated access levels. These access levels will grant access to specific modules in the Corporate Dashboard and on a more granular level, grant access to data to specific locations across the Corporate.

To grant access and manage permissions for users at a Corporate level, the business will first need to set up Access Policies (Rules similar to Team Access Groups in the Business Dashboard regarding what modules the user has access to) and Location Groups (A grouping of locations across the corporate that will be attached to a user for access to information from that location.

Use Case:

“As a corporate user, I need to be able to create Access Policies which are specific access rules that determine what levels of permission a corporate user will have on their account in the Corporate Dashboard”

“As a corporate user, I need to be able to create and edit Location Groups which will contain a series of locations selected across the corporate all grouped”

“As a corporate user, when my account has access limited to specific modules and specific locations such as access provisioned only for reports and for 10 locations within a corporate of 100 locations, I should only be able to access the reports tab in the corporate dashboard and when accessing each of the reports, I should only be able to run the reports for the locations I have been granted access”


By default, all current users of your Corporate Dashboard will automatically be added to the Corporate.

Navigate to Corporate.OneFitStop.com and log in to see the new Access module:


Click on the + icon to add new users. Fill in their name, Email, and select which access group and location they shall have. mceclip7.png

To Modify and create Access Policies and Location Groups, click the + or Edit icon on the right:


Here you can configure new groups by name and which locations are included:


As well as create an Access Policy by name and which modules in the Corporate Dashboard the user will have access to: 


To Modify a user's Access Policy or Location Group, Click the Edit Icon next to the user's name, and use the drop-down options seen below. Click the Delete Corporate User button to remove the user completely from Corporate Dashboard access.


Allow Package or Membership sales that have duplicate credit/ session types

We have added the following functions to the Dashboard> Account Settings> Configuration> Business Profile



Businesses have requested a feature where a client with already an active membership on App should NOT allow them to purchase any other package or membership variant if the new package/membership contains overlapping access to Credits for the same session types as their current active membership.


Use Case

“As a business user, I need a configuration that prevents the sale of a membership or package that contains access to the same credits/session types if they already have an active or suspended Memberships at the current or any other location across the corporate.”



Each item has a default setting of YES. We allow the user to set each of these to NO

The infographic explains the functions:
“ This feature is to allow the sales of memberships that would duplicate the session type credits accessible to the client. Toggle to “No” if you want to limit the sale of memberships with credits with matching Session Types to an active or suspended Membership on the client record. This does not change package sales, only memberships.  Past, Canceled, or expired memberships are not included in this limitation.“


When toggled to NO the system is to restrict Membership or Package sales with overlapping credits


Sales Processes

In Dashboard> Payments > New Sale - system is to evaluate at time of Membership sale the items selected to go to the Check Out

If selected Membership has Credit-  Session Types matching to the client’s Active or Suspended Membership

Then the system will prompt user with the following message:

“Please select a different package as this one has duplicate access to services that another memberships already provides access to.”

User must cancel the sale or remove from cart the duplicate package before checking out.


In the Client APP and Embed solution,

Our API is written to hide memberships and package that have overlapping credits.

IF via Direct membership link or Stand Alone Embed link, when a client is attempting to purchase a package or membership,
the client attempts to check-out for a membership or package that contains the overlapping Session Type Credits with any other Active or Suspended Membership on the same clients account

The system shall display a message: “Please select a different membership as this one has duplicate access to services that another Membership already provides access to.”

User must cancel the sale or remove from cart the duplicate package before checking out.


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