Session Feedback

In response to your request to get a tighter feedback loop from your clients we have created an in app Session Feedback function.

Use Case:

As a client, I want to provide feedback about my classes and sessions via the app so that I can express my pleasure about the instructor and experience. 

As a club owner, I want to gather feedback and ratings about my instructors and their classes from my clients and members o that I can make adjustments where necessary.  

We are very excited to reveal the new Session Feedback options available in the branded app for clients and members to give ratings and written feedback on all sessions configured.  

 Instructions for use

Step 1 | Configuration

Navigate to Edit Profile> Session Feedback 


Click the Add Field button and lets create a feedback item. you can create two kinds of Feedback fields.

A Start Rating option were the client will rate the question as written 1 to 5 stars or

A Text Feedback box where the client and member can write you a note in response to your feedback query:


Select Star Rating, and fill in the Add Option label with a title of your question. Here is an example:


Select Multi Line Text Input and fill in the Add Option label with a title of your question. Here is an example:


you may create as few or many feedback questions you like:



Your Feedback Fields and queries my be edited and removed or more added at any time.

*Please note that responses already collected will be stored, and an edit to the query versus a full replacement may cause reporting to be off if he query is quite different than the original query already recorded. 


Step 2 | Sessions template assignment

Navigate to Schedule> Schedule Template> Edit/ Create

 In the Schedule template setup screen, at the bottom you will find a new toggle for Session Feedback.  By default this is toggled to the NO position, to activate for this template, click to toggle YES


To Save this setting to only upcoming or new sessions made from this Template use the click Update Template

To Save this Session Feedback setting to this template and all schedule and upcoming sessions created via this Template  please click Save and Update All Future Sessions.

**This setting is not viewable or available for toggle within individual Session Detail pages. IF you want Session Feedback turned ON for sessions scheduled already and future sessions to be scheduled, set the Session Feedback at the Template level as described here and then create your session(s) from this template(s). 



Step 3 | In APP experience

with the above configurations set, your clients and members will experience the follow in the branded app after the completion of their sessions. 

For all sessions that are marked Attended, your client will be able provide feedback for p to 7 days after the class. 

Please instruct your members to navigate in the app to MORE> Profile> Visit History. 

For sessions configured, they will sees the following screens: 

blobid0.png Clients should click on Rate Session

Your client should select the Star rating for the query items that are Star Rating. 

Also they can then enter text based feedback in the Queries you have created as Multi line Text.

mceclip11.png Clicking the Send Feedback Button will log the and save the feedback into your database. 
Once Feedback has been submitted, the session will be indicated with the Green Checkbox. 



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