Hold Credits configuration updates. Split In Processing status out from Failed Payment Status.

Use Case:

“As a business user, I want to restrict my clients from using credits on their account if they have a current Failed Payment on their account.”

“As a business user, I want to restrict my clients from using credits on their account if they have a current payment In Processing state on their account.”

In response to user requests, we have broken apart the joined configuration found via navigation to

Account Settings > Configurations > Business Profile –> “Packages and Credits are ON HOLD Until Paid:”

We have removed this configuration and replaced it with the following: two settings found in ccount Settings > Configurations > Business Profile


All locations that previously had Packages and Credits are ON HOLD Until Paid set to Yes, will find BOTH of the above settings already set to YES for consistency in business experience

Refund unused / unclaimed Gift Card sales.

Use Case:

“As a business, I need to refund Gift Card transactions, so that I can correct sales mishaps and provide great customer service."

We have updated our transaction logic to allow users to refund unused/ unclaimed Gift Card sales. Refunds will be for full amount only, no partial refunds. If GC has been redeemed already and transferred to a client account credit, no refund is shall be possible.

Our system will make Gift Card ID = to $0 when GC is refunded so that it cannot be used/ redeemed. And we will update Net Revenue Report, Sales Report and Retail dashboard> Gift Card Sales with refund entry to be consistent with all other refunds.

Here is a quick example of a GC that is sold but then refunded before it was claimed:


*As a note, Gift Cards sold to guests as in non-member Gift Card purchases can ONLY be REFUNDED to CASH as there is not recorded client record or credit card. 


Session Feedback

Use Case:

As a client, I want to provide feedback about my classes and sessions via the app so that I can express my pleasure about the instructor and experience. 

As a club owner, I want to gather feedback and ratings about my instructors and their classes from my clients and members o that I can make adjustments where necessary.  

We are very excited to reveal the new Session Feedback options available in the branded app for clients and members to give ratings and written feedback on all sessions configured.  Here is a sneak peek at the app experience. For more details on setup and use click here. 

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