Version 2 Embedded Web Widgets. [BETA]

We are excited to release the new OneFitStop Embed Widgets! Embedded widgets are for brands to integrate into websites for access to client, bookings and purchase portals. These new Embedded Widgets are script based and no longer iFrames so as to give them more of a look and feel as part of your own web solution. We have remodeled the widgets to look and work much the same as our Branded App Experience. This should provide congruency in your member and client experiences there by reducing friction and increasing overall user satisfaction.

As we roll out components of the new V2 Widgets, we will be revising the modules presented in the first version iFrames such as Class Listing and Bookings, Package purchases, Client Sign up and Log In, Booking Privates and Gift Card sales. While we are not reengineering the aggregate Dashboard view, we will be offering new embedded solutions that allow pre-filtering to individual instructor’s class listings as well as filtering by session types so that you can place these specific lists in the dedicated pages of your website and online portals. Click here for a detailed user guide.


Updates to Account Credit usage during membership sales and towards recurring billing dues.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improvements and efficiencies, we have updated our membership sales and recurring billing logics for Account Credit usage at the time of sale and recurring billings. As per this update, Account Credit will not be a selectable Billing Type for Memberships with recurring billing/payments, leaving the membership unfunded when the credit runs out. Instead, we will recognize the location configurations for Bank Direct deposit and or Credit Card must be collected and assigned during membership sales with recurring dues even if an Account Credit is available to offset the initial payment or payments in the schedule.  Now the business user will see the option to Apply Account Credit Balance at Checkout like this: 


Users can expect that even as Apply Account Credit is Selected and it may pay the full amount of the first billing, the system will still prompt for a Billing Type to place on the account ( ie Credit Card or Bank, as per configurations) for the membership or package set for auto renewal billing. 

On going Account Credit usage for future billings and payments will still be maintained as per client settings in the client app: 



Corporate Dashboard has new export capabilities

We have added some new user exports to the Corporate dashboard. This update includes three new data Export utilities. mceclip5.png

  • Class Schedules
    • This utility allows you to filter by a date range and then export to .csv all of your sessions within that date range.  Here is an example export
    • mceclip7.png
  • Client Attendances
    • This utility allows you to filter by a date range and export to .csv a Client Attendance Details
    • mceclip8.png


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