Here are the IOS and Android release items for July 2021:

Update to Buy Package page presentation

When your client is booking a session(s) that require a number a credits greater that they have available, then our system shall now present your Package Buy page with relevant options for credits that satisfies the booking. 

Update to Date of Birth presentation

To better align with your system configuration for DOB formatting, we have made sure the client Data of Birth format in all client facing screens matches you business settings in Account Settings> Preferences.

Firebase Event Integrations

We have heard your request for a deeper understanding of your client's behaviors in the APP and a desire to track the "Events" related to purchasing including the amounts purchased via Google Analytics. We have created an integration with Firebase and Google which can be achieved this. The Events module in Firebase will provide a deep insight to purchase behaviors, sign ups, content consumption and a ton of other triggered events. we will be expanding the capabilities beyond Purchase and Sign Up event to include important items like: 

  1. Which Instructors are viewed most

  2. Which Sessions are viewed most

  3. Which sites are browsed most

  4. which banners have high click rate

  5. which articles and videos are viewed most

  6. which packages clients are checking

Dark Mode IOS

We are quite excited to feature the Dark Mode option for your app. Still customizable to fit in your branding but dynamic to the users settings for Dark Mode viewing


Pending Payments and Complete Booking Requests

The app will now display Booing requests for clients to accept or decline when this is configured for use in the Business Account settings. When the business books on behalf of the client, then a pending booking and payment request will be visible for the client to respond. 




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