Adding and subtracting stock counts

We have updated our POS Inventory control interface in Retail Configurations to allow for more formal stock tracking and reporting. This the first of several iterative steps to come on Stock Management. 

Please navigate to Payments> Retail Configurations> POS inventory to see the new column labeled Stock and the hyperlinked numbers that allow you to add or subtract stock values with reasons. 

When your POS item has the toggle for Track Stock turned ON,



Then you will see a hyperlinked value in the new Stock column  next to each variable POS item.



Click the numerical value that represents your current stock and the system will offer you a list of reasons to modify your inventory count:


Stock Received, Restock Return will net a positive count towards your current stock number, where as reasons Damage, Theft, Loss and Transfer will net a negative or subtractive value towards your current inventory level. You cannot subtract more than you have on hand as represented in the system. 

Inventory Recount lets to totally reset and override the current stock numeric value. You will likely only use this one a year at inventory recount. 

Select any one of the options and enter the value of stock add or subtraction you require. Click Save. 



The system will update immediately your stock count accordingly. 



Naturally sales of your POS item will reduce the stock item as expected. 


Tracking and Reporting your Stock Counts has become easier as well. 

The system is continuously tracking your stock changes and you can review these in the POS> Variables item Edit screen.  Click on the pencil icon next to your POS item to edit the details:


here you will find a new tab called Activity Log.  Here you will see listed in detail the adjustments made,  including date, time, reason, who made the adjustment and the resulting Adjusted Running Balance.



Reporting on your Inventory

If you navigate to Reports you will see a new Report Category named Inventory and the Current Inventory report is available for viewing. 


mceclip8.pngThe report itself comes standard with Filters for Product Category, (product) Name, SKU, Barcode, Variable Name and Supplier( a future field and value ). 


This report is an As of Now inventory snap shot. 

* note the Supplier, Last COGS and Average COGS columns are place holders for the next iterations of our inventory functions.


Please be sure to actuate your access to the new Report Category here in Team Settings> Access Tab.





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