POS Product Stock updates and tracking tools. 

We have updated our POS Inventory control interface in Retail Configurations to allow for more formal stock tracking and reporting. This the first of several iterative steps to come on Stock Management. 

Please navigate to Payments> Retail Configurations> POS inventory to see the new column labeled Stock and the hyperlinked numbers that allow you to add or subtract stock values with reasons.  Click here for full release notes and step by step instructions on how to use the new interface.




Payment Status Updates now include a Returned Status.

As part of our ongoing refinements with our payment processors we have introduced the "Returned" payment status for items rejected or disputed at the processor bank end during transaction settlement.


As a business user you can expect then to see Returned Status in most screens where you will see the Failed, Processing or Paid statuses...





As well, We have added some details to a few reports like the Failed Payments report where we are placing the actual Returned Item codes:



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