Here are the IOS and Android release items for April 2021:

Align App permissions with Account Settings> Configurations- "Allow client to decline and cancel sessions".  

This update makes the app behave the same as the web client interface where by the client is allowed or not allowed to cancel sessions according to Configuration Settings. When business sets this permission to NO, then the client will not be able to cancel or decline session requests.  When the setting is YES, then client may cancel bookings set by themselves and the business.


Update to Free Sessions booked by the business

Previous to this update, when a business user booked a client into a free session (a session with no cost) then the client was presented a message to complete the booking. this message led to misunderstandings in what was required for the booking to be complete. Now when a client is booked by the business and there is no cost, the session will display a Confirm Booking status on the Session listing, and then in the session detail screen, we will represent and Accept and Decline option for the client to confirm. 

Update to the Notification Bell action

When the notification has a deep link then while clicking on the notification it is being redirected to the desired page.

When the notification does not include a deep link then while clicking on the notification it is being redirected to the notification page.


Workshops with continuous dates and times will display on the Session Detail page

We have updated the session details screen for workshops to list all dates and times so that the client knows they are to be booked into all workshop sessions.


Digital Sessions are displayed with a session start time relative to the phone time zone.

As businesses move more and more towards digital offerings, and their clients may  or may not be in the time zone of the club location during the time of consumption, we have opted to display the starting time of Digital sessions in the time zone of the phone's location. This will allow a timely start and participation to the live digital sessions regardless of where the client is in the world. Clients can expect physical session start times to still be relevant and displayed in the time zone of the club location, only digital sessions marked with the mceclip0.png icon will be converted. 



Date format uniformity

We have updated our App to handle date formats in app to DD-MM-YYYY format to seek uniformity.


Facebook SDK Update

Facebook has given us notice to update the sdk to latest version


Updates to the Auto Renew client control interface.

A fine tuning of the Auto Renew toggle interface to be consistent with package and club configuration.



Various bug fixes and app crash prevention features have been implemented as well.

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