Today, many healthcare and governmental agencies provide reimbursement for fitness and related costs. We have updated our system to support an easy process for you and your clients to get copies of these purchases in a format that is consumable by those agencies.

We have enhanced the payment log filtering logic as well as we have updated the displayed information in line on the Invoices and the Log. And finally we have created a client user flow that allows them to email their payment log, and the included invoices on that log, as PDFs.


 Instructions for use


Instruct your clients to navigate and log-in to clients.onefitstop.com or via your website. They will need to navigate to the Payment Log tab. Here they can use the filters to list and display only those payment types they wish to review.


Your clients will find that the Payment Log filters and displays those payments then the client may click the Email Icon and sent to themselves a PDF of the log and the individual payment invoices included in the log.


At any time they can refer to the Info Icon (i) for a full description of how to use the filters and export tools:


Once your client has filtered to either Membership or Single payment types they can click the Email icon and send the Payment Log and all listed Invoices to themselves or an email of their choosing.



All invoices and the log will be as PDF attachments in the email.



In addition to the easy email functions, we have made some enhancements to the Payment Log itself, This includes changes to the description column such that it is matching the purchase descriptions on the invoice. We have also added a Total Amount of the invoices included in the log at the bottom of the Payment Log PDF.


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