Allow Corporate-wide Client look up.

Businesses have requested a look up function to search for clients that are associated within the brand / corporation but perhaps they are not yet associated with this location.  In an attempt to make this process easier and quickly associate visiting clients to this location, we have created the following feature in Dashboard> Clients - See Release Note here



New Columns have been added to the KPI reports.

We have added the following optional new columns to the Location and Corporate Dashboard Key Performance Reports.

No Shows -  This is a real time Total count of No Shows recorded for all sessions within the date range.

Late Cancels - This a real time Total count of Client Late Cancels recorded for all sessions within the date range selected.

Booking Utilization - This is the sum of all total bookings divided by the total capacity available  for all sessions within the data range selected. 

Users will navigate to the Key Performance Report and click the Edit Report Settings button.

Check the desired columns for display in the report results and click Refresh Report:



The Info Icon continuous to display the column logic for old and new columns:


Please note* The column labeled Session Utilization will be relabeled to Attendance Utilization for better clarity in in use. the logic for calculation is unchanged. 


Require Recipient for Gift Card Sales

In response to a request to help increase delivery of Gift Card sales to the purchaser and recipients, we have added a configuration that when set to Yes will mandate recipient is defined during Gift Card sales in the Business view and the client views. Navigate to Account Settings> Configuration> Business Profile,

Use the edit button to change the NO to a YES 




Update the From Email fields in Gift Card Sales so that all Gift Cards sold have a receipt emailed to the purchaser. 

Upon release the From Email field will be mandatory in both the business dashboard New Sale but also in the client dashboard and embedded solutions.


SOAP Session Note creation and review

SOAP Notes offer a standardized format for taking and tracking notes for integrated health and fitness services. Notes are generally grouped under four main headers:

  • Subjective - the reason the client is visiting and the opportunities they feel are relevant.

  • Objective - the measurable observations about the client  (e.g., weight, vital signs, diagnostic test results, etc.).

  • Assessment - Service provider's interpretation of the subjective and objective information.

  • Plan - the details and steps that are to be done to remedy the issues.

SOAP Notes allow you to take notes and track progress in a standardized format for every client. Each note will be linked to a private booking, Service professionals and team members may add and review them from the Schedule and the client record based on Team Settings and permissions.  (Full Release Notes and User Guide


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