In this feature we are providing you a look up function to search for clients that are associated within the brand / corporation but perhaps they are not yet associated with this location. We believe this will make the process much easier to quickly associate visiting clients to this location.

Navigate to Dashboard> Clients

Users may click on the new Corporate Client Lookup button...


and enter the client's first and last name as a minimum. (Only exact matches will be returned).


or enter in just the email address:


The system will return on the right of the screen all exact matches. In the return of the client matching you will see all of the locations they are already associated with and the client's last Billing and visit date to one of those locations. The system will copy the information from the latest and most relevant record based on last visit or last billing. 


User can then click Add Client button and the system will confirm the client record entry into this location.



and display the Success message up on add. 



If you find that the system has returned a name with the Add Client button grayed out, a mouse over will reveal that the that the client has already been associated to this location. 


Client records copied in this process are the same as users Adding a new client record and the system matching the email address already in use, this is just a simpler and more efficient means to do what users could already accomplish. 


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