This month we continue to add efficiencies to our Schedule management and user flows.  


While adding new Instructors, allow user to select all or specific template to be Available With.

As a business owner or location manager, when you need to add new employees to OFS, we are providing a quick means to assign your new instructors to all or specified Schedule Templates.

Navigate to Team Settings> click the Plus sign to add an employee.

Once you have completed all of the necessary steps to add your new team member, click save and you will be prompted with options to assign your team member to all templates...


of you may select specific or no templates...


Click confirm to finish your new employee setup.



Display and allow edit of Employee Work Hours in user's My Profile 

In an effort to allow team members to manage their own work hours and availability, we have moved the Employee work hours out in to the My Profile section. 



Permissions for editing of Employee Work Hours is set by a new toggle located in the Schedule tab of the Team Settings:





Allow Unavailable Sessions to be created by all users with Add or Edit Schedule access. 

We have separated the creation of Unavailable Session...mceclip4.png

from the Team Access settings. Creating Unavailable Sessions is now possible regardless of the setting for Remove Access Custom Session Options. So long as the employee has the Ability to Add and Edit Sessions, then creating Unavailable Sessions will be possible. 



Team access permissions to book outside of instructor's work hours/ availability.  


By default our system has allowed users of all types to create and book sessions on behalf of other instructors at any time in the schedule. Now that Available With and Employee Work Hours settings are easier to manage and setup, we understood the need, via Team Settings, to allow a restriction for some users to not be able to book others outside of their available times. Admin roles will always be able to book for all instructors at all times, but now if you change a roles or an individual Team Setting to make this toggle OFF, then those wit this role will be restricted to book and create only within the target instructor's Available / Employee work hours.  the exception is self, all instructors can book themselves at any time regardless of set work hours

Example: Sally is the user and she has her setting toggle OFF, she is attempting to create or edit a session into the 7pm time slot for instructor John who has his Employee Work Hours set from 8am to 5pm. Sally will be presented an error message alert her that John cannot be booked at that time and date. John himself could add or edit the same session to 7pm if he chooses to. Ann the location Admin, can also edit the session for John into 7pm. 


Allow 500 Characters to saved Report descriptions

Reports have been updated to allow business owners use up to 500 words to define or give direction in Saved Reports.  Simply navigate to Reports section, open your report and during the Save Report process, type in your new description. 



Cancel Sessions permissions issue has been corrected

Prior to this fix, all users with a custom Team access setting had session cancelation permission regardless of the toggle for Session cancel, this has been corrected to allow the toggle function as intended. Please review your team settings and look at your team members with Custom Configurations and be sure that the toggle for Ability to Cancel Session is properly set. 



Allow clients to book into a new session that may be overlapping with their late cancel session.

As a response to requests to allow clients to find another booking opportunity after they have cancelled, we have updated the ineligible booking rules. Now clients who late cancel a session may book themselves into another available session at or with overlapping times. 


As an added security and spam filtering feature, we have added Captcha to all online registration flows.

To prevent unwanted enrollment spam and bot enrollments we have added Captcha to the enrollment processes for all online registration portals. this should cutdown if not eliminate unwanted spam and bot enrollments into your locations. 


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