Scheduling Upgrades

This month we have put a lot of effort and focus on the business view of Schedule., Most of which you will see are about streamlining process, access, configuration and a focus on ease of use. 

Auto Confirm Request Booking

We have added a new configuration in Account Settings> Configuration> Business Profile that will allow a location to auto confirm Booking Requests from clients. 


When enabled all of the requested bookings that are sent from clients that normally display on your Dashboard home screen with be auto confirmed:


Remove Instructor requirement from Session Template 

Sometimes it is required to update existing workflows to make them more friction-less and meaningful.  In this update we have removed the necessity to select an instructor when creating a Schedule Template. Navigate to Dashboard> Schedule> Schedule Template- Edit or Add template. User will see the Instructor field is no longer present for configuration. All Instructors are added to sessions during the Session creation process.


Add Instructor Filter to the Team View 

We have added an Instructor Filter to Schedule> Team View. This new filter will allow the user to select specific instructors to display from a drop down list. Click Apply button to limit the display to your selections. Use the Deselect All button in the filter to return to a full view of all instructors. One very exciting feature of this filter is tat you instructor selection will cache for your session so that as you change views to and from Team view, you need only to click the Apply button to re-filter based on your last Instructor selections.




Profile images and Access group labels

As a visual enhancement we have added instructor profile pics and Team Access descriptions to the calendar headers. This will increase visibility and aid in filtering the correct instructor audience.



Increased size of Team View and focus display on min/max of Account Settings>Configuration>My Calendar Settings

Another added efficiency is to increase the overall calendar view in the web page and focus in on the min and max time as set in Dashboard>Account Settings>Configuration> My Calendar Settings. no longer does the Schedule load at 12:00am and force the user to scroll to current time of day. 



"Available With" Instructor assignment to Schedule Templates

We have grown to know that not all instructors are specialists in all modalities and session offerings. As a means to better filter and assign the right instructor to the right session type, booking and later on substitute requesting, we have added the Available With in Schedule Template configuration. 

Business managers may navigate to Schedule> Schedule Templates and see the added column for Available With.
please perform a hard refresh in your browser via  Shift+Ctrl+ R, if the last column seems truncated.


Click the Edit and select the instructors to be made Available for this session template:mceclip1.png

Configuring this list transfers directly to who can be assigned as instructor(s) to newly created Sessions and Requested Bookings:



Employee Hours in My Profile

Previously, we had Employee hours dictated by the Team Access group settings and permissions assigned to each employee user record. This was a major short coming for shift management ad configurations to each instructors unique working hours. We have relocated Employee hours to be configured directly within Team member record.

Navigate to the Dashboard>Team Settings


Click on the pencil icon to edit a team member's Employee Work Hours


The schedule you set here translates directly to the times this Team Member is available in the Schedule.













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