An update to our self-access Kiosk solution is now available. Locations can deploy this new version of the client kiosk on any touch screen enabled tablet or computing device. Our immediate goal was to solve for session check-in/ attendance tracking, with many more modules to come. 



Instructions for use

Configuring your Kiosk look and feel:

Navigate to Edit Profile> Business Profile> Website Embed tab.


The Kiosk will inherit the properties of Header Color, Header Text, Button Color, Button Text.

Adjustments to these properties will reflect immediately upon launch or refresh of the Kiosk web page.



Accessing your Kiosk URL:

Navigation to Account Settings> Integrations> Front Desk Kiosk.



System logic for session display and list organization.


Upon launch, the kiosk will use a background refresh every 5 minutes to pull in sessions starting within 30 minutes of its start time. The session will remain available for check-in until the class end time.

If a client is checked-in via any other means, the Kiosk will automatically update the list eliminating double or redundant check-in. Clients are added to the session list automatically when they book.

Session list will refresh upon user interactions, session selections as well as after 5 minutes of inactivity.

It should be noted that when a session is designated via configuration to Payment Required NO, then clients added by the business will not appear in the Kiosk for check-in as they have no RSVP designation, by design. 


How users will interact with the kiosk.


  1. Clients who approach to the kiosk simply need to choose an available Session button.
  2. Clients are listed alphabetically by first name and click the Check button.


Spot assignments will display in the middle column for sessions that have required resource bookings.

Instructor names are displayed in the right side of the header block.


Any client who has booked with a “Join and Pay Later” option or have a payment pending for this session...

(client view during booking a NO: Payment Required session)


...will be presented with a message that says “Please see associate for check-in and payment.”




Reporting and client record updates:

All client check-ins are recorded to their record and are available in al Check-in attendance reporting.

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