As a response to business requests, we have added several columns to our Corporate Dashboard > Reporting > Key Performance for All Locations report. 

Described below are the Column names, the logic that drives the revealed data and some examples as they are required to demonstrate the math or inclusion of client data. The color coding is added to relate items such as all Membership focused KPIs are grouped and colored green.

Instructions for use

1. User selects a location or multiple locations and a data range to report on:


Note* Data will be updated nightly and be available for the previous day and past dates.

2. User is to select the columns they wish to report with in the Edit button. 

All existing and new columns are available for inclusion or exclusion in the report , simply check the box next to the column for display. Click Refresh Report.



At anytime user can click the Infographic icon to reveal the column descriptions.



Here is a table indicating New Columns, Existing Columns,


New or existing Column Name Logic
Existing- renamed New Clients ( formerly named New Members) Represents the number of new clients added during the date range selected.
New   Referrals Total count of referrals made during the selected date range. (should match referrals report for locations selected for the date range selected)
New Intro Pack Conversions Total number of clients who purchased an intro offer in the filtered date range OR previous date (any historical date) and made their second purchase (i.e. next payment immediately following the intro offer purchase). For example: John Smith purchased in intro offer on 1 Jan 19, John did NOT purchase any other Session Package or Membership until March 1, 2020 where they purchases a 20 Class Pack. When running the KPI report for dates 1 March through 10 March, John would count towards the Intro Pack Conversations count.
Existing- renamed Active Clients (with Credits) (previously called Active Members (with credits)) Count of active clients with remaining non expired session packages as of the last day in the date range selected
New New Clients with Paid Packages Total # of clients, regardless of join date, that have bought a package with cost greater than $0.01 in the date range selected. The date of purchase is the indicator. 
Existing - renamed Active Clients Paying Memberships (previously called Active Paying Members) As of the last date selected in the date range, total count of unique client records with an active membership with greater than $0.00 recurring, or having been paid in full (no future dues, but is not yet expired or cancelled). Will not include clients on Suspension. 
new New Clients with Paid Membership
Total # of clients, regardless of join date, made active during the date(s) selected, with their first ever membership. Credit activation is the key date indicator.Will include PIF, recurring and pre-sales. Will not include $0.00 memberships.
Excludes clients who had a package or membership prior to this sale with a value >$0.00.
new Cancelled Memberships # of members made inactive ( no future recurring dues) due to being cancelled on, or is expired on the date(s) selected
new New Membership Yield Total $ amount of New Clients with Membership monthly dues. We are fetching the first recurring invoice $ amount for inclusion. 
new Cancellation Yield Total $ amount of Cancelled Memberships monthly dues. Use last billing amount and and calculate sum loss of recurring revenue. 
new Net Yield New memberships $ - Cancellation Memberships $
new Net Membership Growth New Clients with Membership column minus Cancelled Memberships column.
existing First Visits Count of first time visits for clients within date range
existing Active Clients Average Attendance/ Check-ins Count of Check-In for Active Members (with credits)/ Count of Active Members(with Credits)
existing Sessions Sessions used within data range
existing Attendee Check-ins Count of the total clients marked as attended at sessions during date range.
existing Session Utilization Attendees/ Booking Capacity *100
existing Gross Revenue Sum of the “Gross Revenue”column
existing Recurring Revenue Sum of transaction when Revenue Type= Membership as of last date in data range
existing Gross POS Revenue Sum of transaction when Revenue Type= POS
existing Total Transactions Count of all transactions in the report
existing Gross ATV Gross Revenue / Total Transactions


To see the same info at the location level, the following report queries and filters are suggested:

Column Name

Steps to compare in Site report

Active Clients Paying Memberships

Go to Membership details report

Set Filter as Membership status is Active & Package Type is Membership

Sort the Next Charge date column (result table column) in descending order

Now we can select the records with upcoming dates. This upcoming dates outside search range at corporate Dashboard.

New Client with Paid Packages

Go to New Clients report.

Select start & end date. Would advise to select start date to 2-3 month back date. Eg: If need to compare data for corporate dash from 1st Feb 2020 to 31st March 2020, then select start date from 1st Dec 2019 or 1st Jan 2020. Many times, client do not make purchase immediately or in same month.

Add another filter package & select all list of packages from the list & run the report.

Sort the First payment date column record in descending order.

Select the data between date range for which report is being generated.

Information that is important to consider for this column in the KPI Report:

New Clients Paid Membership  will now include the following:
Total # of clients, regardless of join date, made active during the date(s) selected, with their first ever membership. Credit activation is the key date indicator.Will include PIF, recurring and presales. Will not include $0.00 memberships.
Excludes clients who had a package or membership prior to this sale with a value >$0.00.

As an example: a presale membership Sold today, with credit activation set to July 5th, and first payment 10th will be recognized in the New Client with Paid Membership on July 5th, not on the sale date.

As an example #2: a membership sold today, with credit activated today and first payment set to next Monday will count in New Client with Paid Membership as of today, data sync for KPI in two days.

As an example#3: a membership sold today, but credit activation is set in the rears to June 25th, with next billing as today or date in future, this will come in record as of June 25th.

New Clients with Paid Membership

Same steps as mentioned for paid packages. Only need to keep in mind that instead of selecting list of packages in filter, we need to select membership. Rest works as it is.

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