$0.00 package sales now prompt for agreement signature.

Businesses have requested that $0.00 packages, when configured, will prompt for agreement creation and signature capture. No changes to the checkout process for packages sold for $0.00 except that when configured for Agreement Signature, user will me prompted as they are for package with a cost to capture signature:




Clients can now opt to have account credits automatically applied to their upcoming recurring payments.

In the web-view, clients simply need to login to the dashboard and navigate to Account Settings > Billing and check the box next to "Apply account credit to upcoming recurring billings."


when the client checks the box, they will be prompted to confirm their change:


In the V2 app, clients will Navigate to more> Billing Information  and check the box Apply account balance to recurring fees"



Failed Payment emails now can send a BCC to the location email address.

In custom email settings for Retail> Failed Payment Membership, you may now toggle on to have a C email sent to the locations admin email address whilst it is being sent to the client. 

Simply toggle BCC or CC and the email it sends to is configured here:




Corporate Dashboard> Reporting Key Performance for all locations. 

Some upgrades to the KPI for all locations report that includes additional columns and analytics that are focused on both new Package and Membership sales, Cancels and $ yields.  (  Release Notes )



Kiosk Version 2 - (Release Notes)

An update to our self-access Kiosk solution is now available. Locations can deploy this new version of the client kiosk on any touch screen enabled tablet or computing device. Our immediate goal was to solve for session check-in/ attendance tracking, with many more modules to come



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