Businesses have requested that certain session packages be configured and edited only by qualified    admin users. This feature allows the business to:

  • Turn ON Restricted Packages
  • Set Administrator Access to make and edit Restricted Packages
  • Mark a session package as Restricted.


Instructions for use

Step 1.

Navigate to Dashboard> Retail Configurations> Retail Settings and scroll down to the General Settings block.


Click on the Edit icon on the right and select On for Restricted Packages:




Step 2.

Navigate to Team Settings



And then click the Team Access Group configuration.


Click to edit the Team Access Group(s) that will require access to Restricted Packages:


Toggle ON the Restricted Package access to allow this group to ADD or Edit Restricted packages in the next step. Packages configured in Step 3 as Restricted can only be created and edited by those Admins you have provided access.


Step 3.

Navigate to Dashboard> Payments> Retail Configurations, Click on Create New in the upper right corner.


Configure your new package for sale as you normally would. Toggle the Is a Restricted Package configuration near the bottom and click save.


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