Restricted Packages  ( Release notes)

Businesses have requested that certain session packages be configured and edited only by qualified admin users. This feature allows the business to:

  • Turn ON Restricted Packages
  • Set Administrator Access to make and edit Restricted Packages
  • Mark a session package as Restricted.


Allow non-members to purchase Gift Cards

We have updated all public and client facing web interfaced, including the embedded tool set, to allow a non-member to purchase a Gift Card and send the details to themselves and a recipient upon purchase completion. 



Package Filter added to Bulk Extend Package Expiry (release notes)

We have updated the package filter on the Bulk Extend Package Expiry Utility. User can navigate to Payments>Retail Configurations> Bulk Extend Package Expiry utility. you will now be able select multiple packages by name: 



Automatic Push Notifications (Release notes

In Account Settings> Configurations> Triggered Emails section, users will now be able to actuate push notifications to send automatically for these notices:

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Failed Payments, Auto Renewal, Credit Card expiring and many more. 

EZYPAY - Display payment gateway transaction fee.

In an effort to provide transparency and accuracy in transaction costs, we will be displaying EzyPay gateway transaction fees in all client and business views when a credit card in added to an account. 

Here is an example of what users can expect to see:





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