As a club or studio operator, it will be important for you to have detailed reporting on all sessions that have been cancelled, individually or in bulk. This report will provide a precise list of dates, times, costs, clients booked, clients on waitlist who paid, and who will be refunded credits as a result of the cancellation.

Instructions for use

Navigate to Reports> Clients and Attendance> Cancellation Report.


This report like most has standard reporting columns that are always included in the display. The user may add more columns of interest simply by clicking the Edit Report Settings button in the upper right corner.


Add columns by checking the box next to the column name. Once all columns that you wish to add are selected, click the Refresh Report button and the report screen will refresh to include the data you have specified.


Sessions that had zero clients booked will display in the list, but they will have null values in client fields like Full Name and will be indicated with a No Booking in the Booking Type column.


The report screen will list the sessions in chronological order, grouping together the clients in that session. All column headers are clickable to re-order the list if you so desire.


You may select a date range, past or future, for the report to display classes that have been cancelled. Click the Apply Date Range button to apply the new date range.


Classes listed have either been cancelled individually or in bulk with the utility. An export of all reports can be had simply by clicking the Download Icon in the upper right of the screen. Select CSV as a format and your browser will download the report as it is displayed, with the filters and columns of your choosing.


Open the download in your program of choice, like Excel, and review the details.


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