Providing another opportunity to get urgent messages out to your clients and members, OFS has added the Push Notification feature to the Corporate Dashboard. This optional messaging feature will send your chosen message and optional URL link to all members for all of your locations.

Those members who have not opted out of the Push Notification option in your app will receive a message alert containing a Title, Message and URL (optional).

User this feature to communicate gym closings, change of hours or other important messages.

Instructions for use

Navigate to your Corporate Dashboard > Send Message icon at the top. http://corporate.onefitstop.com/login


Click on Send Message icon and the system will present a form for you to complete.




Should be the description or initial message that will display at the top of your client’s phones when they receive the message alert from the app. This field is limited to 100 characters, so be brief and to the point.


Your message field is where you may get into some detail about your message to your clients. This field is limited to 240 characters so you may need to be to the point here as well. The character counter in each field will help you to edit for clarity before you run out of room.

Launch URL

This is an optional field to place a hyperlink to a web URL, a link to an official posting or article on your website. Simply cut and paste the web url including the HTTP:// in this field.

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