Use Scenario

For various reasons, businesses will need from time to time an opportunity to extend the expiration dates of client packages. As such we have built a utility that will allow administrator level access team members to select clients

Use Case

As an administrator, I need to extend the expiration date of packages so that clients may continue to use their sessions.

Instructions for use

Administrators users may navigate to Payments > Retail Configurations > Bulk Extend Package Expiry


Users will see a list of active packages and their clients and be able to check the box to include clients in the bulk edit.

User can Filter by package name. select one, multiples from the list or ALL. 



Set the extension range and click the Extend Expiry Date to execute.


Users will be presented with a confirmation message. 


The system will display a green Success message at the top of the screen.

Once the bulk edit is complete user can download an audit report by clicking the Download History Logs button.




The CSV file will download and present in your browser for review


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