Use Scenario

For various reasons, businesses will need from time to time an opportunity to cancel upcoming invoice transactions in bulk. As such we have responded to with a utility that will allow Administrator level roles to access a new Bulk Cancel Future Transactions feature. 

Use Case

As a Business owner, I need to cancel upcoming transactions for a large number of my clients so that they do not get billed for reasons such as while the facility is closed.

As a business owner I need to select by date range the client transactions that I wish to cancel in bulk.


Instructions for use

Administrator user roles may navigate to  Payments > Retail Dashboard > Bulk Cancel tab:



The system will present a pre-defined list for the next week. Users may edit the date range to begin and end as per their selection and the click the View Details button to present a new list.


Users may then select ALL or select individual clients in the list that will be included in the bulk cancel process.




Users will also have easy access to look at the client’s Recurring Payments Details by clicking the eye icon on the right side of the list







To execute the cancellation process, simple click the Cancel and Download CSV button on the right







The system will present a confirmation popup for the user to confirm cancellation:







As a result of the cancellation process, users will be immediately presented with a .csv file download in the bottom left of the browser window that can be reviewed and preserved for audit purposes.




Here is an example of the .csv file opened in Excel:



A cursory review of the clients Recurring Payment details will display a cancelled payment listed for the transaction include in the utility.

Reinstatement of the invoice is always possible via the Green recycle icon:




The .CSV Download audit report        

Please take the time to review and save the .csv Audit report as this is your evidence of the clients included in the bulk cancel process.

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