Use Scenario

For various reasons, businesses will need to cancel sessions in bulk. To accommodate this efficiency, we have developed the Bulks Cancel Sessions feature which allows the user to select by date range the sessions that need to be cancelled. Any client already booked will be refunded their purchase or credits for the class. The class will be displayed in the schedule as Cancelled. And Audit report is made available upon cancellation.

Use Case

As an administrator, I need to select a range of sessions by date and cancel them so that I don’t have to cancel sessions one at a time.

As an administrator, I need my clients to be refunded their purchase or credit when I cancel multiple sessions.


Instructions for use

Administrators users may navigate to Schedule > access the cog wheel icon and select > Bulk Cancel Sessions


 The system will load the weeks’ worth of sessions automatically,


However, the user may edit the date range for selection with the date drop down selectors.






The user is to select or unselect the appropriate sessions via the check boxes on the left side for inclusion of the bulk cancellation.


When the user is finished selecting the sessions to cancel, they should press the Cancel Selected & download CSV button


The system will present a success message indicating that the cancellation job is being processed.


User will be provided a .csv file download in the browser window for immediate audit of your cancellations. We encourage you to open, review, save and print this for your records.


 Keep in mind the job to cancel and refund all of your clients from these sessions will take some time as it runs in the background. If for some reason the same sessions are selected again you will be presented with a message that they are already in process. It will take several minutes for your calendar to update and client records to be updated.


The business view, client web view and the client’s app will all be updated to display Cancelled for the class statues:


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