On behalf of the OneFitStop team, we are all here to support your businesses throughout this tough period with forced closures of fitness businesses. Our amazing development team have been working through their days, weekends and nights to prepare the following urgent releases:

  • Utility to initiate a Bulk Cancellation of Sessions (View Release Note)
  • Utility to initiate a Bulk Extension of Expiry Dates for Session Packages (View Release Note)
  • Utility to initiate a Bulk Cancellation of Future Scheduled Payments (View Release Note)
  • Utility to initiate a Bulk Edit of Future Scheduled Payments Amount Due (View Release Notes Update)
  • Smart "Group" functions to apply filters to bulk updates. This is ideal for any business who has members who have opted to continue paying so you can exclude them from the bulk updates. (View Release Notes )

Zoom Integration

Our Zoom integration is now LIVE. Find out how you can integration Zoom in your business and begin running remote live sessions for your clients (View Release Notes). 

**Special Note: Please add and display a liability disclaimer at the beginning of each of your Zoom sessions as your club liability forms most likely do not cover injury when the client is working out at home under your guidance. Please consult your legal resources for proper verbiage and use.

Content Management Suite

Our team has been working to build a full content management suite made available in any custom branded app. The content management suite allows businesses to create content such as articles, recipes and pre-recorded videos that clients can access via the app. This suite also allows for businesses create a "premium" membership to access exclusive content. Email our support team if you are interested in learning more.

We strongly advise you to check this help document on a daily basis for more updates from our team.

Our support team is here to readily assist over this period. Please contact us at support@onefitstop.com for support.

Stay strong. Healthy. 

We are in this together.

Jarron Aizen

CEO and Founder




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