As a means to allow business users more options in message and communications with their clients. Clubs want to be able to send Emails, Push and SMS messages.

Use Case

As a Business user, I want the option to send emails to my clients, so that I may communicate important news.

Enhancing the current messaging feature located in the top of the location Dashboard, this feature expansion will allow Team members to compose and send an Email to select members, groups or session participants.

A key point to remember is that clients may opt-out (a V2 Member App feature) for communication options like SMS, push notifications and emails, as such this feature will only send to those still Opted-In for Emails.

Instructions for use

From the location Dashboard, click on the Communications Icon located in the upper middle of the screen header. Choose New Message:


User can create a list to send a message to by searching and selecting individual clients from a list. Add as many clients as desired via the check box on the right of their name.


or by selecting a Group or Groups that have been predefined in your business:


or by selecting one or more active sessions at your location:


Note: Session selection can be best filtered via the date picker. User can select to include either (or both) of the booked clients or waitlist clients for that session(s). Sessions without booked or waitlist members are not select-able.

With your list of clients selected above, click Configure Message and then select Email as the message send option. Enter a Subject and a message as the body of the communication. Click Send Message to transmit your email.


The Back button will allow the user to step backwards to redefine the audience for the message, The X will dismiss and exit the whole process.

User will see a Success message upon successful send:


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