The "Pay By" functionality enables one client to pay for another client at time of raising a sale in business mode. This pay by function will mean that the client you add to the checkout in the "New Sale" area will receive the credits from the package or membership, but another client will pay for the total cost of the package or membership.


  1. Set the relation in the client file: Go to Clients > Search for the Client who will be paying > Go to the Information Tab on their client file
  2. Find the "Relations" tab in the Information Tab and Edit this section to add the "Relation" of the client who will be receiving the credits when you raise the new sale.


Raising a New Sale

  1. Go to Payments > New Sale
  2. Select the client you wish to receive the credits
  3. In the client list, there will now be an option on their row to select the "Pay By" option. Select the new relation you have added (the client who will be paying for the sale)
  4. Select your items to add to the card and proceed to checkout




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