Client File

  1. Click on the ‘Client Tab’ in the Home Dashboard


  2. Select the client you would like to allocate the suspension to


  3. Go to the ‘Payment Tab’ (credit card icon) in the Client File


  4. Locate the correct payment in the payment table (bottom of the page) under the 'Memberships' tab and click the 'View' (eye) icon


  5. Select the pencil icon next to ‘Current Status’


  6. Select 'Suspended' and set ‘Suspension Start Date’ and 'Update Status' 




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    BFT Carlton

    Hi, This is RK from BFT Carlton.
    I have suspended "Eliza Leckey" for a week. However there is no recalculation of her membership fee applied. I mean she is suspended for 1 week. She pays fortnightly. Will her next payment be automatically withdraw only for the non suspended days?

  • Avatar
    Crystal Neist

    Hi, I've just processed a suspension but can't see that I have the option to 'extend membership period' by the amount of time the suspension has been made. Does Hapana now automatically do this?

  • Avatar
    Rick Jones

    I am sorry, No there s not an auto extension of membership due to suspension

  • Avatar
    Piers Kwan

    It used to automatically extend membership and adjust their payment dates. Can you confirm why this has been written out of the code?