1. Manually (Schedule)
    1. Go to the Schedule Tab in the Home Dashboard
    2. Select the required class
    3. Find client in the session list and click attendance checkbox
  2. Manually (Client File) - If the session has passed:
    1. Go to the Client Tab in the Home Dashboard
    2. Search the desired client
    3. Select the schedule icon in the far right of their name
    4. Select ‘passed sessions’ from the drop-down menu
    5. Mark attendance for desired past session
    6. Save
  3. Automatic check-in
    1. Barcode Check-in
      1. Add a barcode ID to the Client File under the Client Information tab (note: a unique number must be added)
      2. Open barcode check in pages on a new browser window under Initials (top right hand corner) > Account Settings > Integrations > “Barcode Check-In URL Show URL”.
      3. Have barcode scanner plugged into the computer.
      4. Copy and paste the barcode ID into the open input field on the scanning page.
      5. Keep the tab or window active or open at all times in order for the barcode scanning to work (a separate computer just for scanning is ideal).

Note: If an invalid Barcode ID is entered it will flash red ‘invalid’. If a valid Barcode ID is entered it will flash green and confirm check-in. If they try to scan twice in 5 minutes it will also flash red and tell them they have already scanned in. After checking with this method, the “Check-In Report will show an entry for “General Check-In”

    1. Kiosk
      1. Select the initials in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard
      2. Select Account Settings
      3. Go to the Integration Tab
      4. Scroll down to the Front Desk Kiosk section and copy and paste the link into a new internet browser tab
      5. Search clients name
      6. Select ‘Check-in’ button

Note: When you have opened the kiosk it will sign you out of the business account for security. The kiosk works by the client first typing their name into the input field. The field will auto-populate or fill and then once loaded the client will have the opportunity to check-in for a reserved class or access any of the other enabled tabs like classes, request booking etc. depending on what was enabled on their account.

If General Check-in is enabled, there will be an additional button at the top of the kiosk allowing them to check in to the facility.  If you don’t want to be signed out of the admin account, highlight the link and right click and select ‘private new client window.’ This will open the kiosk with a different browser.

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