1. Select the Payments Tab > Retail Dashboard
  2. Click on Memberships in the Payment History section
  3. In the column labelled Status, select Pending from the drop-down list
  4. Those clients that did not process fully or successfully will be in this payment status ‘Pending.’
    1. A list of the members will be generated
  5. To process the payment for the members with payment status ‘Pending’, select the 'eye' icon on the right of the screen next to their name.
    1. Right click on the orange coloured 'eye' icon and open in a new tab. This allows you to process the payment, close the tab and return to the list for the next one client payment processing.
  6. Payment options will be presented and you can select the right button to proceed.
  7. When complete, the payment will process and show up in the revenue snapshot. A payment transaction will be available in the revenue report.
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