The snapshot home screen will dynamically appear only when there are failed payments.  If there are no failed payments this tab will not be visible as all payments are gone through successfully.

  1. When a failed Direct Debit occurs, the member will receive a notification of this event. There are many possible reasons and the OneFitStop report will note the reason.
    1. Upon notification clients will usually update this themselves directly from the mobile app or via the website.
  2. For situations where you need to follow up on the client, the details are available in the snapshot home screen.
  3. In the failed payments tab you will see a list of these specific transactions and action can be taken as instructed with studio policy.
  4. Retry (number of days) will take place as it has been defined by the studio business policy but can be processed manually at any time.  The payment can also be made with Cash, credit card and EFTPOS
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