1. Click on the Schedule Tab in the Home Dashboard
  2. Locate the desired class
  3. Once the class screen opens you are able to add client(s).
    1. Selecting ‘Add Client’ will open a full list of members. Locate the desired clients and process their payment.  To find the member, you can scroll through the list or search using their name by simply clicking on the magnifier icon.
    2. Select client(s) and click on the select button next to their name and they will be added to a list of members if you are selecting more than one.
  4. Select the 'Invite Payment' button and the system will verify their membership status, process payment against their membership and deduct a credit.
    1. The platform will flag the customer for pending payment if the default payment method is not successful or has not been set up for the client.
  5. When the invitations are completed, you will be returned to the class screen where you will see the list of attendees and their payment status will be highlighted.  Many will simply process as per their active membership terms.
  6. Some will not be clients or not process successfully and will be in the payment status ‘Pending.’
  7. To process the payment for the client with payment status ‘Pending’, select the green shopping cart icon on the right of screen next to their name.
  8. Payment options will be presented on the middle top of the screen and you can select the right button to proceed.
  9. Select credit card to pay the drop-in rate, or select pay with session credits which will direct you to select a package type for credits.
  10. When complete, the payment will process and the payment will show up in the revenue snapshot and a payment transaction will be available in the revenue report
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