The content of all emails that are triggered through the OneFitStop platform can be edited and turned 'on' or 'off' at your discretion:

  1. Go to your initials in the Home Dashboard
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Select the Configuration Tab
  4. Scroll down to ‘Customize Emails Triggered by OneFitStop’
  5. Select ‘Edit’
  6. Edit email content by selecting the 'pencil' icon next to each email
  7. Enable or disable an email by select the 'power' icon next to each email. Red signals disabled and green signals enabled.
  8. Select the 'wheel' icon on the right hand side to:
    1. Modify Email Preferences
      1. Default From Name
      2. Default From Email

Update the default email preferences for all emails that are triggered to clients. You can also override these preferences when configuring each email.   

    1. Access Custom Short-codes

Update the default links specific Short-codes will link to. This will enable clients to access the direct pages via app or websites you prefer for your business.

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    BFT Abbotsford

    Hi OFS,

    Im having trouble changing our sign off from defualt emails.
    I am the new manager and need my name JAIME to replace our old manager MONIKA on all outgoing communications.

    thanks for your help,
    Body Fit Training Abbotsford