If you want to add new assessments, create group assessments or adjust the assessment settings then please follow the guide below or view the video tutorial here: 

 (Link: https://youtu.be/NmQwg-3dR8o

New Assessments

  1. Go to the clients tab and then click into a client file. Even though you are configuring new assessments within an individual clients file, they will be universal for all clients. 
  2. Locate and click on the "Cog" symbol which is the settings symbol whilst on the assessments tab. This will open up a pop-up box where you can create a new assessment to track.
  3. Configure the new assessment:
  • Set the Assessment Name
  • Define the Measurement Units
  • Configure the Goal Conversion Settings. If goal conversion is "Above and Equal" then if a measurement value is higher than the goal value, the goal will automatically be marked as complete. If the goal conversion is "Below and Equal" then if a measurement value is lower than the goal value, the goal will automatically be marked as complete. 


Group Assessments

Group assessments make it easy to input records for multiple assessment types in one go. You can group together any of the preset assessments on the platform or the custom assessments you may have created.

  1. Define the Group Assessment Name
  2. Select all assessment types you wish to include in the groups assessment
  3. Click Save!


Assessment Settings

There are a number of different assessment settings that you can configure as detailed below:

  • Enable client to enter in their own assessments: If yes, your client will be able to add their own measurements to any assessment on their account.
  • Enable clients to add progress photos: If yes, clients will be able to upload their own progress photos
  • Schedule / Email notifications: If you have set alerts to track and log different assessments at certain dates or times you can trigger an email to the client to alert them to log this assessment.
  • Unit Settings: Choose the unit settings that are preferred by your client or your business operation / country.



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    Michael Wood

    THis is great - but nothing is being 'saved" as part of each assessment I build

  • Avatar
    Michaela Munsterman

    I am having the same problem. I am not able to save my assessments of my clients