The team at OneFitStop is extremely excited to releasing a whole series of new modules and improvements across the platform. We have completely revamped the client interface and built a simplified version that you can plugin to your website or Facebook page. Custom packages allow you to create a package on-the-go and we have implemented the functionality to manually allocate a package to a client without the need for payment. Lastly, we have implemented a major upgrade to the request booking process with a new "List View". Other changes include adding functionality to click on the calendar in a free time slot to create an event and ability to suspend membership payments for a specified period in time.

Embed Into Your Website

  • The entire client dashboard has been simplified into a new responsive and customisable view that you can embed into your website or Facebook page.
  • Change the theme and appearance of the page embedded to match your branding and colour schemes. 
  • Embed specific pages to a different section of your website or page such as classes, packages and request booking. Alternatively, you could embed the dashboard login.
  • To embed into Facebook you can follow the instruction in this article linked: click here.
  • The simplified dashboard view for your clients allow them to access their attendance history, payment history, profile information and most importantly, their current membership and up-coming schedule.
  • To get started with the embed module go to "Edit Profile" and the new "Website Embed" page.

Custom Packages & Manual Allocation

  • When requesting a payment from a client and going to the "Session Package" tab you can now add a new custom package. This upgrade means that you do not have to create a package template in order to send it to the client and you can create a new one on the spot.
  • This has great advantages if the package may only be used once. There is also an option to save the new custom package into the packages area for future use.
  • We have also added a new "Custom Price" option called "Allocate without payment". When you allocate a package to your clients account without payment it will ask to "Activate" and the package will function in the same way but without the need for payment. 
  • You can also remove a package that has been allocated by going to the client's file > Payments tab and clicking the "x" symbol against the package to delete the credit allocation.


Request Booking "List View"

  • The new "List View" option on the request booking pages allows your members or clients to easily proceed through three simple steps to make a booking request.
  • Step 1 - Choose appointment type. You can configure your request booking templates by clicking on the   symbol when on the "Schedule" section. 
  • Step 2 - Choose day for the appointment. Our smart algorithms look into your schedule and will display time slots for your clients to book into based on your availability and the length of the chosen appointment type.
  • Step 3 - Choose time. The available time slots then display ready for your client to click on and confirm their booking request.


Calendar "Click" Upgrade

  • By clicking on the calendar, on the day and time you want to book a session in a new pop-up window will display with a simplified way to create a new session or class. 
  • Best Practice: If you have Event Templates configured you can simply click on the calendar and select the template and you will be ready to select the client within a matter of two clicks!


Membership Suspension Upgrades

  • You can now suspend a membership payment schedule for a set period in time. We have also upgraded the system to allow you to activate the membership again without the need of client approval.
  • To suspend a membership you need to go to the "Payments" page and then click on "Recurring Payments" in the table on the left. Once you have found the membership you wish to pause, click the "View" button and this will open up the entire payment history and membership in more detail. From here you can click "Edit" and change the status to "Suspended".

Up Next!

  • Ability to add a client to multiple repeated sessions once the event has been created.
  • Archiving clients and changing their status to "Alumni"
  • More "REPORTS!" - there are over 50 new reports coming to the platform
  • And more! 



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