Our February development release is a gem! Upgrades to the schedule area and the way you collect payment is going to change how you run your business on OneFitStop. Did someone mention team? Yes, that's right folks, you can now add teams of staff and employees connected to your account!

Let's break down the changes:

Schedule View Changes

  • The schedule now displays your operating hours so you can easily understand when to book sessions and classes.
  • The schedule used to have 15 minute interval lines which have changed to 30 minutes, which means you can view your entire schedule without scrolling.
  • The schedule pre-loads 1 hour before your first set operating hour.
  • If you are booking in one-on-one events with clients, the session name in the block on your calendar becomes the name of your client and will let you know if payment is pending or confirmed.


Schedule Day View Upgrades

When clicking on a scheduled event, class or session you will now find a much cleaner, easier to read detailed breakdown of that event. Along with the change in design, we have completely transformed the way you can control your business via the schedule. Here is a list of all the new features:

  • A new section at the bottom of the event view allows you to invite clients to the session or class. Once a client has been added there are new options to allow you to easily communicate with them via email, track their attendance and process payments.
  • Process payments for your clients - now you can invite clients to a session / class and mark them as paid by cash or process payments using credits on their account or by charging their credit card stored securely. If they do not have a credit card saved, you can go ahead and add one against their file at any point in time.
  • We have implemented options to help automate refunds when you remove a client or cancel a session / class. If a client has paid, you will have the option to remove and refund, or remove without refunding. The same applies to cancelling sessions / classes if clients have paid.
  • Easily edit single and recurring events - now you can edit all the information against a session / class with a pop-up that does not navigate you away from the view page. You can now edit a single event within a recurring event. For example, if you created a recurring class and need to adjust the instructor for tomorrows session because they are sick, you can now edit one event part of the repeated events. The same applied for cancelling one of the repeated events. You will also have the option to edit all up-coming repeated events.


Processing Payments for Clients

In the new schedule view page you can now process payments for client against a session / class. Now you can also send a client a payment request and process the payment using their card securely attached to their client file or by adding a new card in to process the transaction. 

You can do this by:

  1. Sending your client a payment request.
  2. Find the payment request in the single payments or recurring payments table and click 'view'
  3. Find and click the 'Pay' button. This will open a pop-up screen allowing you to process the payment using your clients card on file or by entering a new card in.

This now means you can control your entire business without waiting for your clients to pay for packages and accept and join classes / session.



The long awaited teams module has arrived! You can now add as many team members as needed to your account. 

There are two types of teams that you can add:

  1. Administrators - imagine taking your account and giving access to a staff member, co-founder or even reception staff which will allow them to access all modules on the platform. This account type is essentially everything you can do just with a new email and password to access the system.
  2. Employees - staff members who need to have access to clients on the system and view and control their schedule. Employees to do not have access to your business financials, leads, feedback and other private modules. Payments that employees process will go direct to the master business account. You can also control an employees schedule by listing them as an instructor when creating an event. 


That is all for now! We are continually working on further upgrades. If you want to get involved in making OneFitStop the best software in the world for fitness businesses please reach out! 



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