Are you ready for the biggest upgrade release since the launch of OneFitStop? 

Well, you are in for a treat with an array of new modules, upgraded functionality and tweaks across the platform:


You have requested, and we have listened. Welcoming the most comprehensive and advanced package module in software for fitness businesses.

What has changed?

  • Packages have moved from the 'Edit Profile' area to bottom section of the Payments tab. 
  • Packages have an array of new options:
    • Add package categories so your clients can easily find the package they are looking for.
    • Create advanced billing cycles. For example, you could create a membership package that direct debits every 2 weeks for a 6 month period.
    • Allocate session credits on a recurring cycle and specify which 'session types' clients can use the package with.
    • Create combo packages of session credits. For example, configure a package to allocate 2x PT 30 minute session per week + Unlimited group classes every month.
    • Enable auto-renew options for a package. This will automatically renew the package when a current membership finishes.
    • Specify if you would like the package to display on your business profile page and even set an expiration date for a package to display on the business profile (great for specials).
    • When allocating a package to a client you can set a custom credit allocation start date, custom billing start date and apply a discount to the default price.



Request Booking Templates

Create templates that your client can use on the Request Booking page within your public business profile.

What this means for you:

  • Control the types of session you would like clients to request from the request booking page.
  • Accept payments up-front for any request made.
  • Once a request has been sent by a client, your business will receive and email and on the Home page you will have the options to "Accept", "Re-Schedule" or "Decline". If you accept it will automatically confirm the booking and nothin further will be required from your client. If you re-schedule it will keep the payment received up-front and notify your client of the change in booking. If you decline, the client will receive a refund (for the credit used or the price paid) and will be notified.


Adding Clients

Now it is more simple than ever to add clients to your account. 

When you add a client, they will automatically receive an email with the email ID used and a temporary password. This means that your clients do not ever have to sign up for an account and will automatically be connected with your business.

From your client tab, you will see the new client will have an active file which will allow you to add a session, request a payment or interact in any other way you normally would from the moment they are added.







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