How to create and edit your training locations

Training locations can serve multiple purposes. It can be set for multi- location fitness centers and studio’s, or it can also serve as specific rooms within a single location.

Example: If you have a specific room for yoga or CrossFit you can create a location for “Yoga Studio” or “CrossFit room”.

There are Two Area’s to add or Edit training locations:

Area 1. Edit Profile-> Business Information or click here.

Scroll down the page to "Training Address" and select "Edit". Fill in the details of the location in which you operate. 

In the first input field when adding a location, add the "Training Location Name" and in the second field add the "Address Line". The Address line will automatically populate ready for you to select the exact address.


Adding more than one training location

Click on "Add another training address" to add more than one location.

Click "Save" to finalise.


Area 2.  You can create new locations at the time of creating a template or session in your schedule. All you have to do is create the session and at the "Location" dropdown select the "Add New" text link to add a new location.





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