Why Request Feedback?

Requesting and receiving feedback can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal to attract new clients and improve on your weaknesses. At OneFitStop, we allow you to turn your feedback on and off as well, ensuring that you can keep the results private if you wish. To do this, please see "Displaying feedback" at the bottom of this document.

 Requesting Feedback

To request feedback navigate to Clients Page -> Feedback or click here

Now, click on "Request Feedback" in the top right hand side. You will be able to select one or many clients to request feedback from. If you would like to send a short message, you are able to do that as well.

Click on "Send Request" to finalise the feedback request.

(Please note, once it is sent, the feedback request cannot be edited or deleted).


That's how we roll!


Displaying Feedback

We allow you to choose whether you wish to make your client feedback public or keep it private. To edit these settings, navigate to Edit Profile -> Advertising or click here.

Under General Preferences, click Edit to control whether feedback ratings are private or public.

That's how it's done!


What Is My Overall Performance Score?

Your overall performance score gives visitors to your profile a quick idea of your overall feedback.

The Overall Performance Score is calculated by averaging out your scores over our 5 feedback criteria: Session on time, Session Quality, Personality, Trainer Knowledge and Achieves Results.


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