Creating a New Session Template

Creating a new session template ensures that you save time if you are offering the same event or similar events regularly e.g. "PT 45 Min".

To create an session template, navigate to the Schedule page and click on the "cog" symbol on the top right and then on "Session Templates" or click here.

To add the template, click on the "plus" icon in the top right corner.

Configure the template and click save.

What is allow booking? If you want to enable clients to use this template to request sessions on the request booking pages then change this to "Yes".



Using A Saved Template

To use a template that you have used prior, navigate to the Schedule page->Create Session or click here


In the top right hand corner, you will be able to "Select Template".

Once selected, a small pop up will appear with the ability for you to select from existing template which you have created in the past.


Once you have chosen your template, click on "Select Template" and there you have it.


Where to next?

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  • Avatar
    Caroline Bellenger

    Where do I find current templates to edit them ? When I click here as above I am required to login, my Onefitstop login details don't seem to work

  • Avatar
    Jarron Aizen

    Hi! We have updated this article to reflect new updates to the "Session Templates" module. The links will now work and the location where you add the templates is now the location where you can edit them as well.

  • Avatar
    Power + Revive

    Hi, How to put a private session on available on schedule?

  • Avatar
    Power + Revive

    I've tried to add a new session, but also says not available slot and date time, i checked to setting make sure everything okay, but still not shows in the app