Pay-As-You-Go memberships allow the client to Pay a Portion of the total bill up-front and the remaining balance on the selected billing date.

This can be done on recurring billing memberships or single payment packages.

Use Cases

  • Client wishes to not pay a consistent package price per month but instead pay down their outstanding account balance either when you determine or when they come into pay.
  • Client wants to commit to a membership and "Pay-in-Full" - you would process 1 payment of the full value.

How to Set-up

To select the option for Pay-As-You-Go Payments:

Payments > Request Payment -> [Select Client] Next > Session Package [Select package] Send

You then need to "Activate" the request. On the confirmation page:

Click Here > Activate > Advanced Options > Pay as You Go > Activate


Making a Payment

Once you have activated the "Pay as You Go" package, you can begin to make account payments. First you will need to "View" the outstanding payment and on the right there is a section "Total Pending". Click "Make Payment".


Input the amount you wish to pay at that time in the "Payment Amount" input field.

There will be two options to process a payment to reduce the balance outstanding: Credit Card and Cash.


NOTE: A new invoice will be issued for the paid amount each time a successful payment is made against a "Pay As You Go" account.





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    Heather Lalk

    I have set this all up yesterday for payments to come out June 1 but nothing has gone through to Stripe