Session Types are all of the different offering your business has in forms of sessions.

For Example: Private, Semi Private, Group Class, Yoga, Pilates etc.

Configuring these session types on the schedule is important for booking. From the clients end they can search based on the Session type they are looking for to streamline the booking process. The same goes for when the trainer is booking for a client, they can also select the pre-made template based on the session type.

Each Session type will be defined by the Color of your choosing. So for each Session type, there will be a different color assigned to it. This will allow you to identify which session you coming up on your calendar at a quick glance.

To configure Session Types:

1. Go to Schedule Tab
2. Create Session
3. Select “edit” next to Session Type
4. Enter a Session/Color
5. Select 'Add New'
6. Repeat until all session have been added
7. Select 'Save'

When you sell membership or session packages you will be assigning "Session Credits" to specific Session Types. This will restrict clients from booking into sessions that their memberships are not valid for.

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