The "Account Credit" function enables you to load a clients account up with money as 'credit' to use when purchasing future packages, sessions or any other products or services.

Use Cases

  • Common: Client wants to attend a variety of different session every week which cannot be defined with a common session or membership package. By loading their account with Account Credits, they can deduct the credits by paying the drop-in-rates for each of the sessions they decide to join.
  • A client has earned a free visit and the free visit has a $ value
  • A client has won a competition worth $xx.xx of services and you load their account with credits of that amount.
  • As a refund option


Adding Account Credit


To Add an Account Credit Go to: Payments > Request Payment > [Select Client] then Next > [Single Payment] and enter in the account credit amount and then select "Yes" to "Add as Account Credit".

After hitting send and processing the payment, the account credit is loaded onto your clients account.



Viewing Account Credit Balance

To view the remaining balance or total account credit on a clients account go into your clients file. The box on the top right of their client file will have a row "Account Credit". The total displayed here is the amount remaining.



Paying Using Account Credits

If a clients account has account credit remaining, when paying for a session or future package / payment request there will be an option to pay using "Account Credits". At the bottom of the payment screen you will be able to view the "Account Credit Balance" and then after the payment the "Remaining Account Credit Balance".

NOTE: If you are adding a client to a session and you have the setting for "Auto-Deduct" enabled, the account credit will automatically be deducted when you add them to the session.





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