Session Templates are the core function of your scheduling experience. Templates are used to auto-load pre-defined information sets when creating a new session or class.

The template contains the following information:

  • Session name
  • Session Type (Could be same as session name, but you can have multiple session names under 1 session type. Example: Session Type – Class, Session Name – Yoga, Group X, HIIT, CrossFit.
  • Items Supplied (Yoga Mat, Towel etc.)
  • Items to bring (Water Bottle, Towel etc.)
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Instructor
  • Session Size
  • Drop-In Price
  • Credit required (normally 1 credit)
  • Allow Client Booking
  • Display as a class option
  • Payment required option

Since the templates will all be pre-made, it allows for quick booking, by just needing to select a template, and all of the info will auto populate.

**Once you Select a template, you can edit any information you choose if necessary.

Example – Change instructor for the class, edit the class size, change drop in fee etc.

To Create a Session Template:

1. Go to the Schedule Tab
2. Select the Settings “Cog” or “Wheel” icon
3. Select Schedule Templates
4. Create template “Plus or Add Symbol”
5. Fill out information and “Create Template”

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    Alicia Low

    Hi I cannot work this one out I have created the Membership $89 and single $25 drop in fee for yoga vinyasa and Yin yoga and Mat power pilates but it is not allowing clients to book in on the App.It allows the client to purchase and when i book them in the payment is saying Pending.....please Help